How to earn more from the eBay Affiliate?

How to earn more from the eBay Affiliate?
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You have your blog on a domain hosted, it is SSL certified, and you have already posted a few articles on it. Now, what’s your next move?Are you prepared to profit from eBay Affiliate or eBay Partner Network?But, how?

What Is eBay Affiliate?

Let’s start with the basic question: what is an eBay affiliate?

eBay Partner Network is an affiliate program, similar to other affiliate programs, that offers compensation to sellers for bringing customers to the website. For example, you are a partner in the eBay affiliate program and you have brought two customers, both of whom have made a purchase on the website. Following this, eBay offers you a commission.

eBay affiliate
eBay affiliate

How do we achieve this exactly?

You are able to create listing links from eBay to use them in your blog or content to promote it. When the user clicks on the link on your blog and makes a purchase, you get the commission.

The eBay Partner Network gives you complete credit of final value if the customer ends up making a purchase in one day or within 24 hours of clicking on your listing. In fact, even when the customer you brought makes a purchase from a different seller within a given time, you still get some commission.

We know you are wondering, how amazing is this?

It sure is.

We will explain the process of using the eBay Partner Network. Keep reading for more details.

Process to Join eBay Affiliate Program

We will start the process with an example to help you understand. So, imagine.

You are on the eBay Partner Network and you need to trade a card that is listed on the website for USD 500. If you believe this content is perfect for social media, you can make a link to the listing from your dashboard on the Partner Network and start sharing the link, maybe on your Facebook page.

When a customer checks the card, they are interested, and they click on the link and buy it that very day, like in the next two hours.

Now, how will eBay calculate your commission?

Here’s the category-wise distinction: Check this file.

Process to Join eBay Affiliate Program
Process to Join eBay Affiliate Program

The commission offered for card trading is around 3%, which is USD 15 in our example. If you are not a store seller, you get a 10% final value fee, which is USD 50. Hence, when you receive your invoice from the eBay affiliate network, you will see USD 15 as the commission, and USD 35, which is different from your final value. A total of USD 50 will be received by you.

There’s another case scenario in which you earn a commission. If the customer clicks on your card and decides that this is not what he likes. He goes to different search options and finds the right card, which is listed as USD 300. Add to this, the fact that he ends up purchasing the card in the next 24 hours. In this case, you will get a 3% commission.

Why is that?

eBay believes that you brought this customer, so you deserve the commission. Isn’t that great?

How Can I Participate in eBay Partner Network?

How Can I Participate in eBay Partner Network
How Can I Participate in eBay Partner Network

1. Go to the signup page. Check the link.

2. Here, use your eBay account to sign up.

3. You will get a welcome email. Keep an eye on it. This will arrive in the first few hours of signing up, sometimes immediately.

4. Once you have the welcome email, go to eBay and log in.

5. On your dashboard, you can paste links or URLs from eBay to make promotable links.

6. If you wish to share these links from the browser without challenges, you can use Bookmarklet or SmartShare for the same.

You can share these links in your blog, on your website, on social media, or by email. Basically, you can promote links anywhere to drive customers to eBay.

Differences Between eBay Affiliate & Other

Now, we all realize that there are many other similar affiliate programs, so why eBay? There are some reasons:

  • eBay has comparatively easier guidelines. Any person with a new blog with little traffic on Google can also join, which is a plus point for new people who are trying to make money with affiliate programs.
  • The threshold of payout is low for eBay. It will allow you to even take out USD 10, which is not feasible in many other affiliate programs.
  • eBay will help you take your money directly to PayPal or direct bank deposit, which is definitely beneficial for many people.

The biggest reason for selecting an eBay affiliate is that eBay has been around for decades and it is only getting stronger every day. So, there’s trust and security in this network. Don’t you think so?

Bouns Tips to Improve Sales

Before we even start the discussion to improve sales on eBay affiliate links, you should check out the listings and select the ones you wish to promote to your network.

Bouns Tips to Improve Sales
Bouns Tips to Improve Sales

There’s a huge list and you can find relevant listings for which you can create considerable traffic. Hence, complete your research on this, decide on a niche or listings that you can promote, and read these tips to improve sales.

  • You can start by checking the rate card of eBay for the % of sales you will receive. Selecting products with a high percentage of the sale will benefit you, so you should focus on these listings.
  • After that, you should decide the platforms on which you can promote. For example, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also create a blog and add several links from eBay to the content.
  • It is possible to promote listings with the help of EPN tools on the eBay Network, like Link Generator, Bookmarklet Tool, Smart Links, RSS Feed Generator, etc.
  • Other than this, a great strategy to market listings from eBay is to improve traffic on your website and articles by using off-page and on-page SEO, backlink SEO, guest posting, etc.

With the help of the above tips, you can create your own network, which will help you promote eBay listings and earn a commission.

The good thing is that eBay tracks everything once the user clicks on your affiliate links. What do they actually purchase? How many products are they purchasing? How many customers do you get in a month?

However, remember that to gain a commission, the user should make a purchase within 24 hours, which is when you will get the commission from the sale.


So, that’s all! We have discussed what an eBay affiliate, how you can create an account on the eBay Partner Network, and how to improve your outreach.

With this, we believe you have enough data to start using eBay affiliate marketing.

You only need to remember that you need to give this activity time. Either you have a huge network, which helps you promote listings instantly, or you create a network of the audience slowly on social media and websites to grow. In both cases, you need to stay patient and work towards your goal.

Overall, being an eBay affiliate is a great way to earn money and keep growing over time.

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